Dec 31, 2006

Dec 28, 2006

Animation Cel Attempt

I decided to try to make myself an animation cel back in 2003.
I used overhead projection sheets, a Sharpie marker and acrylic paints.
I first drew out the image then traced the figure in seperate pieces to create a 3D appearance.

I painted on the back of each sheet with acrylics and then drew out the background.
Here is what the final piece looks like:

2003 Calendar Cartoons

Back in 2002, I decided to create a calendar for the upcoming year. I wanted to use new characters so I ended up creating "Sly & Quackers".
Sly is a fox who is endlessly pursueing Quackers the Duck in traditional cartoon fashion. Poor Sly, he only wants something to eat.
I used pencil and ink for the illustrations and colored them with good ol' fashion pencil crayons. Here are examples of my favorites.

Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006

Blotto sets up his Christmas tree using an ACME Tree-In-A-Can.

Merry Christmas to one and all!
(I was up late Christmas eve finishing this so please excuse the fact there are no sound effects.)

Dec 21, 2006

Only 3 More Sleeps!

Then you can open presents on Christmas morning!
Here's an illustration I did for a 2006 calendar I made last year.
This is my submission for

Dec 16, 2006

Stepping Into The '90s

After being exposed to new shows like Tiny Toon Adventures, Talespin and Darkwing Duck, I was constantly coming up with new stories. Steep was put into high gear by this point.
I continued my James' Toons battle and continued to design my characters more.
I created a new alien sidekick in the vein of The Great Gazoo, that only I could see. The alien's name was Ralph and he used his powers to get me into trouble in my daily life. This pic illustrates Ralph's life on his home planet. This is his choice of transportation apparently.
I would take notes from Tiny Toons and experiment with cartoon logic. My favorite were the wild takes. This one was actually used in a future episode of Bonkers.
I continued making stories. They were mostly one-shot stories featuring one-shot Toons, but there was plenty coming through. Wish I had time for that nowadays....

Dec 15, 2006

Steep The Lizard (est. 1988-1989)

Here is my answer to Roger Rabbit.
Steep The Lizard is a wacky cartoon character who stars in his own series of cartoons produced at Toons-R-Us Studio.
Originally, Steep was a villian who battled Super FootBall. I rewrote the origin of Steep a year or two after I came up with the character.

I was highly influenced by Marvel Comic's adaptation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I was never very good at drawing realistic, cartooning is my main thing. But I tried.
Steep went on to marry Jackie Lizard and they had Steep Jr. I created stories about Steep looking after his baby son in the vein of the Roger Rabbit shorts and also stories when Steep Jr. is a few years older.

Dec 14, 2006

James' Toons

Created in the late 80's, a series of characters known as James' Toons.

Inspired by Inspector Gadget and Hong Kong Phooey, Karate-Guy is a robotic martial-arts expert who constantly gets him self in trouble when his circuits short out. I came up with the character in '87/'88.
In '88/'89, I constantly created numerous characters with super powers and such.
Super FootBall was based on a stuffed toy I had. It was a mascot of some sort with a baseball for a head. Spider-Guy is a homage (or ripped off idea) of Spiderman. Elastic-Man is based on such heroes such as Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man and Plastic Man. Swifty is a speedasaurus which was based on an animated commercial character I think. The Space Phantom was originally created to be a foe for another hero, Mighty Man, who only appeared in 3 drawings. The Bossman is the #1 foe of James Bong "Double O" Zero. Black E. Panther was based on Wile E. Coyote, but he isn't a super genius. Bad Face Badger and Concrete-Cat are villians featured in a series about super-powered animals known as "Nuts". (Interesting side note: in 1996's "Space Jam", Michael Jordan calls his animated co-stars "nuts" to which Porky replies, "Correction: we're Looney Tunes.") My favorite creation is Steep the Lizard. I based him on Roger Rabbit and was inspired by the classic cartoon stars. Steep's name was picked randomly from the dictionary because I wanted a unique one for him. Originally, he was a villian who battled Super FootBall.

In 89, in my Super Football comic, Steep makes his second appearance and starts acting more like a comical side kick. After awhile, the two Toons would team up to become "The Crimefighters"! (Original name, eh?) Steep would then don his disguise to become "The Leapin' Lizard". He would wear these boots that had springs on the bottom and, errr.... yeah.

Past Drawings

I'm not kidding! These are old drawings I did in the late '80s!
I came across them when I moved recently.
This was one of the first comics I drew. (back in 1986) It's based on Hanna Barbera's Hong Kong Phooey. (I remember getting a HKP story book before this was drawn)
It also guest stars Inspector Gadget, one of my favorite characters growing up. The villian is based on Dr. Claw.
This a doodle of a battle of some sort. There's a little alien dude I used draw all the time and another alien named "B.E.A." (Blue Eyed Alien) a take-off of "ALF". Not too sure who the little guys are, but I have no idea what No-Heart from the Care Bears is doing there.
Super-Ghost! My first superhero character. I think the inspiration for him was the designs of the Ghostly Trio in the Casper comics.
Here's a one shot I did in '88. The Mr. Numbers! I think this was inspired by the Mr. Men & Little Miss books that were common back then. It's a clever joke for an aspiring cartoonist, wonder where I stole it from?
I decided to take this strip and color it in photoshop. Not too shabby.

Nov 28, 2006

The Sanitator!

This rat cleans up the streets of criminal scum that pollutes the night.
For he is.... The Sanitator!
This is my submission for

Nov 20, 2006

The Factory

Here is a motion graphics clip I created using Final Cut Pro.
The music is "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott.

Nov 17, 2006

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

I was asked once again to create some drawings for the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.
They want to incorporate Winnipeg landmarks with a chamber music feel.
I created a few here, City Hall, Portage Place Fountain, Hotel Fort Garry and some buildings seen on Main Street.

Tiger Ventures Demolition

I was hired to develop a new image for a local demolition company.
They plan to use it on business cards, labels and other designs.
They had a standard tiger pic before but wanted something with a bit more personality. They liked it.

Nov 15, 2006

Don't Axe Me

I created this computer animation using the program Maya.
I like how the anticipation of the axe turned out. The target is forced backward as the axe hits it.
I'm beginning to like this stuff.

Nov 5, 2006

Doodles Palooza

Here are scans of some recent doodling I've been doing off and on.
I seem to draw alot of cats. I guess I like the design of them. Enjoy!