Aug 5, 2006

Congratulations to J.G. & Kat

Once in a while, I like to make drawings as gifts to people.
Today, my friends J.G. and Kat are getting married. I wish them the best.
I unfortunatly could not make it to the wedding so I decided to make a gift. The happy couple has always enjoyed watching "Hillbilly Hare" when I had people over so I decided to try to create an animation cel based on that cartoon.
I ran out of time to make an actual cel, so I produced a nice looking picture using photoshop.
By using layers, I think I was able to achieve a nice looking "3D" piece.
Let me walk you through the steps I used:
1.) I took a screenshot of the general store in the cartoon and erased the "square dance tommory night" and made it read "just hitched".

2.) Using pics taken at their social, I charactered the couple and put them in clothing worn by one of the Martin brothers and Bugs Bunny when he was in drag.

3.) By using photoshop, I colored the figures and placed them on top of the background.

I then converted the photoshop image into a .jpg and got it printed at Staples. While there, I picked up a nice looking frame to put it in. And finally, the finished product:
Hope they don't see this post before they open it...

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