Nov 28, 2006

The Sanitator!

This rat cleans up the streets of criminal scum that pollutes the night.
For he is.... The Sanitator!
This is my submission for

Nov 20, 2006

The Factory

Here is a motion graphics clip I created using Final Cut Pro.
The music is "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott.

Nov 17, 2006

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

I was asked once again to create some drawings for the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.
They want to incorporate Winnipeg landmarks with a chamber music feel.
I created a few here, City Hall, Portage Place Fountain, Hotel Fort Garry and some buildings seen on Main Street.

Tiger Ventures Demolition

I was hired to develop a new image for a local demolition company.
They plan to use it on business cards, labels and other designs.
They had a standard tiger pic before but wanted something with a bit more personality. They liked it.

Nov 15, 2006

Don't Axe Me

I created this computer animation using the program Maya.
I like how the anticipation of the axe turned out. The target is forced backward as the axe hits it.
I'm beginning to like this stuff.

Nov 5, 2006

Doodles Palooza

Here are scans of some recent doodling I've been doing off and on.
I seem to draw alot of cats. I guess I like the design of them. Enjoy!