Dec 14, 2006

James' Toons

Created in the late 80's, a series of characters known as James' Toons.

Inspired by Inspector Gadget and Hong Kong Phooey, Karate-Guy is a robotic martial-arts expert who constantly gets him self in trouble when his circuits short out. I came up with the character in '87/'88.
In '88/'89, I constantly created numerous characters with super powers and such.
Super FootBall was based on a stuffed toy I had. It was a mascot of some sort with a baseball for a head. Spider-Guy is a homage (or ripped off idea) of Spiderman. Elastic-Man is based on such heroes such as Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man and Plastic Man. Swifty is a speedasaurus which was based on an animated commercial character I think. The Space Phantom was originally created to be a foe for another hero, Mighty Man, who only appeared in 3 drawings. The Bossman is the #1 foe of James Bong "Double O" Zero. Black E. Panther was based on Wile E. Coyote, but he isn't a super genius. Bad Face Badger and Concrete-Cat are villians featured in a series about super-powered animals known as "Nuts". (Interesting side note: in 1996's "Space Jam", Michael Jordan calls his animated co-stars "nuts" to which Porky replies, "Correction: we're Looney Tunes.") My favorite creation is Steep the Lizard. I based him on Roger Rabbit and was inspired by the classic cartoon stars. Steep's name was picked randomly from the dictionary because I wanted a unique one for him. Originally, he was a villian who battled Super FootBall.

In 89, in my Super Football comic, Steep makes his second appearance and starts acting more like a comical side kick. After awhile, the two Toons would team up to become "The Crimefighters"! (Original name, eh?) Steep would then don his disguise to become "The Leapin' Lizard". He would wear these boots that had springs on the bottom and, errr.... yeah.

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