Dec 14, 2006

Past Drawings

I'm not kidding! These are old drawings I did in the late '80s!
I came across them when I moved recently.
This was one of the first comics I drew. (back in 1986) It's based on Hanna Barbera's Hong Kong Phooey. (I remember getting a HKP story book before this was drawn)
It also guest stars Inspector Gadget, one of my favorite characters growing up. The villian is based on Dr. Claw.
This a doodle of a battle of some sort. There's a little alien dude I used draw all the time and another alien named "B.E.A." (Blue Eyed Alien) a take-off of "ALF". Not too sure who the little guys are, but I have no idea what No-Heart from the Care Bears is doing there.
Super-Ghost! My first superhero character. I think the inspiration for him was the designs of the Ghostly Trio in the Casper comics.
Here's a one shot I did in '88. The Mr. Numbers! I think this was inspired by the Mr. Men & Little Miss books that were common back then. It's a clever joke for an aspiring cartoonist, wonder where I stole it from?
I decided to take this strip and color it in photoshop. Not too shabby.

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