Dec 16, 2006

Stepping Into The '90s

After being exposed to new shows like Tiny Toon Adventures, Talespin and Darkwing Duck, I was constantly coming up with new stories. Steep was put into high gear by this point.
I continued my James' Toons battle and continued to design my characters more.
I created a new alien sidekick in the vein of The Great Gazoo, that only I could see. The alien's name was Ralph and he used his powers to get me into trouble in my daily life. This pic illustrates Ralph's life on his home planet. This is his choice of transportation apparently.
I would take notes from Tiny Toons and experiment with cartoon logic. My favorite were the wild takes. This one was actually used in a future episode of Bonkers.
I continued making stories. They were mostly one-shot stories featuring one-shot Toons, but there was plenty coming through. Wish I had time for that nowadays....

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