Aug 18, 2006

Go Flamingos!

I was asked to come up with a t-shirt design sporting a flamingo.
Transcona is a suburb of Winnipeg, and the lawn flamingo has always been associated with the area for some reason....
It was just a quick job, but I think it turned out alright.

Aug 17, 2006

Winnipeg Life Illustration

An assignment we had in school was to create a magazine cover illustration a'la The New Yorker. Our magazine is called Winnipeg Life.
We were to adopt a style of an existing illustrator so I picked Gary Baseman.
I think I captured his style in conceptual sketches (?).
We were to use a theme of recent events in Winnipeg news. I started out trying to comment on the smoking ban for all Manitoba public places that the provincial government was trying to pass. Another idea was to use the new red light cameras being installed in the city. People were worried that the cameras would start sending out tickets to motorists who did not derserve them.
My professor liked the idea of a traffic light holding a camera, so I went with it.
The final product did not have any "Baseman" likenesses in it, but I was happy with the end result.

Aug 16, 2006


Just a few various pics from my sketchbooks....


I really like seeing the combination of live action/animation!
I try to draw "realistic" characters interacting with "cartoony" characters in the following sketches....

Aug 13, 2006

Going Digital

For an illustration assignment, we were to pick a product and design an advertisment using our own style of illustration. I decided to use my digital camera and came up with some quick sketches.....

The final result I came up with had a mouse displaying pictures of himself all over a room, while driving a housecat crazy.
I'll have to find that file to display it here....

Aug 7, 2006

Mad Cows of 2005

Last year, a sketchbook assignment asked us to illustrate an editorial cartoon on a current topic.
I picked the mad cow epidemic, when the U.S. wasn't allowing beef from Alberta cross over the border.
Here are a couple of rough concept sketches I did....

Aug 6, 2006

Many Many Doodles....

Over the years, I've doodled my fair share of cartoons. For some strange reason, most of the time the quickly scribbled doodle always looks so good compared to if I was to take my time.
I suppose the lesson is: keep your drawings loose.

Aug 5, 2006

Congratulations to J.G. & Kat

Once in a while, I like to make drawings as gifts to people.
Today, my friends J.G. and Kat are getting married. I wish them the best.
I unfortunatly could not make it to the wedding so I decided to make a gift. The happy couple has always enjoyed watching "Hillbilly Hare" when I had people over so I decided to try to create an animation cel based on that cartoon.
I ran out of time to make an actual cel, so I produced a nice looking picture using photoshop.
By using layers, I think I was able to achieve a nice looking "3D" piece.
Let me walk you through the steps I used:
1.) I took a screenshot of the general store in the cartoon and erased the "square dance tommory night" and made it read "just hitched".

2.) Using pics taken at their social, I charactered the couple and put them in clothing worn by one of the Martin brothers and Bugs Bunny when he was in drag.

3.) By using photoshop, I colored the figures and placed them on top of the background.

I then converted the photoshop image into a .jpg and got it printed at Staples. While there, I picked up a nice looking frame to put it in. And finally, the finished product:
Hope they don't see this post before they open it...

Aug 4, 2006

Early Sketchbook Work: The Human Head

Another early sketchbook assignment was to practice drawing the human head.
We were encouraged to look at pictures of statues and celebrities....