Jan 8, 2007

The Rolling River Brewery

These are examples of Beer Labels we had to design for a school assignment.
Rolling River Brewery is a fictional place and we needed to create a logo that fit an independent Praire Brewery.
Here is the rough ideas I came up for the Rolling River Brewery:
And the final version that the instructor liked:
Another instructor was quoted to say, "I feel like Bugs Bunny should leap out from behind the rock..." and that's what I was going for.
We were to design 2 labels for 2 different types of beer or ale the brewery would distribute.
The first one I came up with is Polar Bear Ale. Here are the rough ideas:
And the approved final:
The next ale I created is Lynx Light Lager. Here are the roughs:
And the final version:
We were also instructed to complete a design for an actual beer case. Here's my final design for a six-pack carry-along case of Lynx Light Lager:

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