Mar 30, 2007

Announcement for Future Posts

A big thanks to people who have checked this blog for the last 7 months!
I have decided to make better use of my deviantART spot.
I will be posting the occasional video clip here when I have more animation/video work to share with you, but for artwork, please check my deviantART spot!
See you there!

Mar 27, 2007

Forgetful Alfred Final

I added more personality to the previous lip-sync animation. I added more expression to Alfred's face and had him "act" to give it more life.

Mar 23, 2007

Forgetful Alfred

We are currently learning lip-sync in animation class. This is a work in progress.
I found a soundclip from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, "Hare-less Wolf".

Mar 7, 2007

Popular Cartoon Show

For animation class, we were to come up with a box design to render in 3D. I decided to try an old fashion plastic lunch box. The type that would have a label of a popular cartoon show on it?
I quickly designed some characters and put a couple of "lunch box labels" together.

Mar 2, 2007

Kids Love Tennis Bumpers

I was asked to create some bumpers for a video project entitled "Kids Love Tennis: Advantage Kids".
I used Flash animation to create the bumpers that seperate different scenes of the video.

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Uploaded by j-motion

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