Jan 28, 2007

DMT-bot: Scene 3 Uncut

Here's the uncut version of scene 3. The first line, "Put your imagination to work for you...", needed to be trimmed off for time in the final 30 second promo.

Here's the uncut version of scene 4. The entrance and the exit needed to be trimmed off.

DMT-bot Storyboard

Here is the rough storyboard I created for a school project. We were to come up with a 30 second spot to promote Red River College's Digital Multimedia Technology course.

Jan 8, 2007

The Rolling River Brewery

These are examples of Beer Labels we had to design for a school assignment.
Rolling River Brewery is a fictional place and we needed to create a logo that fit an independent Praire Brewery.
Here is the rough ideas I came up for the Rolling River Brewery:
And the final version that the instructor liked:
Another instructor was quoted to say, "I feel like Bugs Bunny should leap out from behind the rock..." and that's what I was going for.
We were to design 2 labels for 2 different types of beer or ale the brewery would distribute.
The first one I came up with is Polar Bear Ale. Here are the rough ideas:
And the approved final:
The next ale I created is Lynx Light Lager. Here are the roughs:
And the final version:
We were also instructed to complete a design for an actual beer case. Here's my final design for a six-pack carry-along case of Lynx Light Lager: