Dec 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Just a little Christmas greeting to all that take the time to visit this little blog 'o mine...

Dec 20, 2008

I Like Storyboarding

If there's one thing I enjoy about video projects, it's the development stage.
That's where the creativity lies and you're free to explore your options as it takes shape. I have always enjoyed sketching out storyboards to make the script come "alive".
Much like a comic strip, it lays out the action as the story goes on.
Here is an example of a storyboard I sketched out to explain how to animate in Flash for a group project when I was taking Digital Multimedia in school.

Dec 17, 2008

More K-Tel Designs

Here are more examples of the album covers I've been designing for K-tel International.
The artists range from Country to Soul to Lounge...

Dec 8, 2008

Cat & Mouse Step-by-Step Process

Here's a little step by step thing I did to answer someone's question on DeviantArt.- Rough Sketch - Defined Details - Inks - Photoshop Treatment
These are kind of fun to do!

Inspiration for Graffiti

I came across this picture of Roger Rabbit themed Graffiti Art located someplace called Byron Bay in Australia.Looks like some fan art I did of Roger was an inspiration to the artist behind the graffiti. I'm touched!

Nov 27, 2008

Designs for K-tel

Recently, I've been given the opportunity to do some freelance design work for k-tel International.
Here are some examples of album covers that I've designed for soon-to-be-available iTunes listings...

Nov 23, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grampa

My fiance's Grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday so I whipped up this little present for him.
Mickey Mouse's birthday was a few days before so I put the two together.I'm glad he liked it despite the fact I should have included wooden shoes which would pay homage to his Dutch heritage. D'oh!

Nov 18, 2008

Wild Take Doodles

Just a bunch of Tex Avery-ish wild takes I doodled in my sketchbook and put into Photoshop...

Oct 31, 2008

Oct 30, 2008

Puppy Doodle

Why does it always seem that quick sketches and doodles always have more style and character than a cleaned up version?

Oct 24, 2008

Stockboy Syndrome

An idea for a fan art piece I thought of when watching old "Raw Toonage" episodes on tape:
talks Jitters into taking a stockroom job with him at the House of Everything. Comedic hilarity ensues..."Bonkers D. Bobcat" & "Jitters A. Dog" copyright Disney Inc.

Oct 22, 2008

Oct 14, 2008

A Paw in My Face 2: The Hate Issue

The locally distributed zine is a collection of various local artist's work based on a theme.
The second issue of A Paw in My Face deals with "hate" while the first issue from 2007 dealt with "love".You can view the issue online if you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy from various Winnipeg shops...
Can you spot my piece in this page spread?

Oct 13, 2008

Roger and Bonkers: Prince Ali reprise

Well it seems that my current most-popular piece from Deviant Art, "Rabbit meets Bobcat" was popular enough to spawn a music video of sorts...

I don't get the connection, but free exposure is free exposure!

Sep 23, 2008

An Art Trade

Here's my version of a fellow DeviantArt member's characters.
Sammy & The Gang features characters "Kenny Kat", "Harold Hippo", "Peter Pizza", "Sammy & Sally Squirrel" and "Frankie Fox".The original artwork by Crazyass246 can be viewed here.

Sep 16, 2008

Coming Attraction

Here's a teaser image for an upcoming story I have planned for the Super-Critters.
The "freshman" newbie from the first story is tired of not getting any respect from his fellow Henchmen so he sets out to catch Fast Quack. Capturing the fastest Super-Critter is bound to get him some admiration, but will it be as easy as he thinks?For those of you who don't know who the Super-Critters are, follow the link to the first story that was actually a school project. Introducing The Super-Critters

Sep 15, 2008

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Here is my submission for Color Blind's first issue theme: "Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Times".The first issue should be released sometime in December or January...

Sep 11, 2008

Playing the Legislative

Here is a new drawing I've completed for use by the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

Looney Gangsters

Here's a little fan art of those two thugs from the Looney Tunes gang,
"Rocky & Mugsy"!There were 6 classic cartoons in total starring these two (solo and together):
1. "Easter Yeggs" (1950) - Rocky wants Daffy Duck to lay golden eggs.
2. "Catty Cornered" (1953) - Rocky holds Tweety Bird for ransom.
3. "Bugs and Thugs" (1954) - Rocky & Mugsy go against Bugs Bunny.
4. "Napoleon Bunny-Part" (1956) - Mugsy is Napoleon's guard trying to catch Bugs.
5. "Bugsy and Mugsy" (1957) - Bugs has fun tormenting Rocky and Mugsy.
6. "The Unmentionables" (1963) - Bugs is "Elegant Mess" taking on Rocky & Mugsy.

Sep 3, 2008

Watch Your Step

Here's yet another piece of fan art from 2007 celebrating the history of a couple of classic characters.
Wile E. Coyote tries to catch the Roadrunner again...

Movie Night

He's a fan-art I did during the summer of 2007. Various cartoon characters enjoy the just-released Simpsons Movie.
Here's the process I usually take from start to finish....
Step 1: Rough pencil art using various referencesStep 2: Pilot pen inks over the pencil artStep 3: Remaining inks after erasing. The page is scanned and put into Photoshop for color treatmentStep 4: The finished projectCharacter line-up: "Beany & Cecil", "Baby Huey", "Ed, Edd & Eddy", "The Chipmunks" and "Itchy & Scratchy"...

Aug 26, 2008

Getting Goofy

A little Goofy fan art in celebration of the new Disney short "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater"!

Aug 21, 2008

Cartoon Heroes

Marvel Comic's The Awesome Slapstick! meets Dark Horse/New Line's The Mask!The 90's were full of classic cartoon inspirations!

Jul 19, 2008

Jul 8, 2008

The Stunt Lemming

This little guy is fearless and quite accident prone. Expect to see a story in the future...