Sep 11, 2008

Looney Gangsters

Here's a little fan art of those two thugs from the Looney Tunes gang,
"Rocky & Mugsy"!There were 6 classic cartoons in total starring these two (solo and together):
1. "Easter Yeggs" (1950) - Rocky wants Daffy Duck to lay golden eggs.
2. "Catty Cornered" (1953) - Rocky holds Tweety Bird for ransom.
3. "Bugs and Thugs" (1954) - Rocky & Mugsy go against Bugs Bunny.
4. "Napoleon Bunny-Part" (1956) - Mugsy is Napoleon's guard trying to catch Bugs.
5. "Bugsy and Mugsy" (1957) - Bugs has fun tormenting Rocky and Mugsy.
6. "The Unmentionables" (1963) - Bugs is "Elegant Mess" taking on Rocky & Mugsy.


Doug said...

I like Babyface Half-Nelson and Pizzaface Post Lasagna.

Michael Westen said...

My favourite characters.