Nov 1, 2009

Central Canada Comic Con 2009

This was my first time as an artist sitting in "Artist Alley" at this year's C4.
Thankfully, the annual event is getting larger and this is its second year in the Winnipeg Convention Center.A big thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and enjoyed my artwork. I hope I can give you more to enjoy next year! (buttons, magnets, stickers, you stuff)
One of the big events that made my weekend great was actually meeting Mr. Adam West. A down-to-earth, funny guy.Since I was too busy checking out all the people in costumes and other people's tables,I never started making original sketches until the last day of the event. A mistake that I hopefully won't repeat next year. Here are a few examples of what I doodled today.Hope you blog readers out there enjoy my spot here on the web and remember to stay tuned for a new site in the future. All the necessary info will be posted here when it becomes available.


James said...

That Harley Quinn Freaking rocks James you need to draw yourself some more femmes fatales.

James E. Daniels said...

Thanks James! I was thinking the exact same thing at Comic-Con. That was the only time I ever drew so many ladies. Tricky, but they look good when things fall into place.