Sep 30, 2010

Rough Pencil Animation

Here's a short piece of rough animation I did a little while ago.I was inspired by a video I saw online which had Eric Goldberg talking about animating by hand, bringing life to a drawing on a piece of paper.I used a light table for my animation, scanned the drawings (14 in total) and brought everything together in After effects.It was fun to do. I hope to try a longer, more elaborate piece in the future.


Jared said...

Not bad. Couple tips. You have a smear in the middle of the movement, but your holding on it too long, it should only be about one frame long. You shouldn't actually be able to see the smear that clearly. And since it should be a fast movement, you should end with some follow through and settle. He stops too abruptly. Keep it up.

Doug said...

Nice James, I look forward to seeing more.

Happy New Year BTW and hope to get together in 2011.