May 26, 2013

Revisiting "A Quick Lesson in Skiing"

I've recently uploaded both my animatic and final short to my new Vimeo account where I hope to share more videos in the future. This After Effects animated short was a final video project in the DMT program offered at Red River College in Winnipeg MB...
Here is the animatic created with the storyboard I made to get the timing down for final animation...
Animatic - A Quick Lesson in Skiing from James Daniels on Vimeo.
Here is the final short...
A Quick Lesson in Skiiing from James Daniels on Vimeo.
To learn more of what went into making this short cartoon, visit this post from the past to learn about my influences and the hard work it took to reach the final product.
The Making of "A Quick Lesson in Skiing"

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